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TEG Reclamation SErvices

The Industry Leader in Glycol Reclamation


TEG Reclamation Services, is the leader in Glycol Reclamation utilizing a sidestream vacuum distillation process. Originally founded under Blue Star Partners in 2008 by Rocky McDonald who has over 45 years of Oil and Gas experience, specializing in process equipment and Dehydration. Based in Midland Texas

and servicing the United States Nationwide

Glycol Distilation Samples

Our Services

Glycol Distilation
Vacuum Distillation

Utilizing Vacuum distillation, your glycol in your DEHY can be reclaimed, removing 100% of impurities, all while keeping your system in service, with zero downtime.

Kimray Glycol Pump
Kimray Pump Repair and service

We are a authorized repair and service company for all Kimray products. With the fastest turnaround time for a Glycol Pump repair or rebuild.

DEHY unit
DEHY Service work and Comission

Ability to provide 24/7 service calls for DEHY troubleshooting and service work. Able to set and commission all DEHY systems, Btex systems, and all associated process equipment.

Acid Flushing
Chemical Flushing

Chemical cleaning and circulation of production equipment, towers, DEHYS etc are also available, with a choice of chemicals based on your needs

Tower Upgrade
DEHY Upgrades

DEHY upgrades are critical to increase production and the ability to dry gas as your station grows , our team can upgrade the DEHY, contact tower internals, and more

TEG Reclamation

How it Works

The MDU is a mobile dehydration, cleaning and glycol-purifying system. The MDU treats the glycol in the dehydration system using a vacuum distillation process to remove chlorides, sludge, dirt and other contaminants that over time make the glycol and DEHY run in less than Optimal.

Through a slipstream, the MDU unit removes 100% of hydrocarbons and solids. Utilizing the MDUs vacuum distillation in a closed system while the dehydrator continues to run, the cleaned fluid is returned to the DEHY and over a relatively short period of time, the total system is restored to 98+% of quality, without interrupting the facilities process



Service Providers

Profire Energy
Peco Filters
Platnium Burner




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